Happy & Healthy 2019
Carl R. DeMusz, Yes-MLS CEO

In this first newsletter message of 2019, I will focus more on where we are going as an MLS than where we have been. By now you have heard about the consolidation and launch of Yes-MLS and may even be tired of hearing about it. So where are we headed?

In 2019 the Board of Directors and leadership of Yes-MLS will focus on improving the products and services we offer to our members/customers. To accomplish that, we have begun by evaluating what we are currently doing. The premise we must start with is understanding our job is making sure you can rely on your MLS data and the quality of the information contained therein. For example, if a listing is in an “Active” status in the system, you have a right to know there is a listing agreement signed by the owner(s) of that property. No one wants to show a listing to their buyer that does not include the signature(s) of the seller(s). We also know that our Quality Assurance Department must conduct audits in order to assure these listings are fresh and up to date. That does require cooperation from you, our members.

As I write this, Yes-MLS is in the final stages of our member survey. The results of the survey will be used to help our Board of Directors, and the Strategic Planning Work Group layout our plan for services we will provide and at what fee structure. There may be significant changes in products and services, but the highest priority will be the quality and reliability of the listing database.

The leadership of Yes-MLS have heard from many of you since our launch of Yes-MLS on May 1, 2018. Many of you complimented us and we appreciate that, but we also received complaints and criticisms, which we take seriously and are trying to make adjustments where ever possible to improve. Thank you for your membership and I wish you a healthy and successful 2019.

Carl R. DeMusz, RCE, CMLS2
President & CEO
Incorrect Info is Negligent, Court Rules
John Kurlich, Yes-MLS COO

Have you ever wondered why the Yes-MLS Quality Assurance Department spends so much time reviewing the data entered in to the system by members?  Ever wonder why the QA Department requires corrections or levies fines?

After a listing broker failed to update information in the MLS, a recent Court decision in Michigan resulted in a $100,000 judgement against a real estate Firm for fraud, negligence, and misrepresentation.   Click on this link to read the full story.

At Yes-MLS, the goal of the Quality Assurance Department is to help our members keep their listing data as fresh and accurate as possible, and in so doing, help them to avoid finding themselves in a situation similar to this Michigan Firm.  The next time you get a request for a change or for the paperwork for a listing, stop to consider that the Yes-MLS QA Department may have just saved you a court appearance and judgement far greater than any penalty the MLS could administer.

Yes-MLS welcomes new employee
Quality Assurance Coordinator - Jonathan DeMusz

I’m from Hinckley living with my parents Carl and Cathy, I went to Highland High school where I was a member of the marching band for 3 years. I have been playing the saxophone for 9 years and I performed for the 30th anniversary of the Christmas Story movie.

I would describe myself as determined and goal driven. I enjoy learning new things and getting to know new people. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family on the weekends. I enjoy watching movies with my parents to relax in the evenings and my father and I go to car shows during the summer. My family is from New Jersey and I always look forward to seeing my nieces and nephews, as well as my siblings and extended family.


It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s the perfect time to start new habits that will take your business to the next level!

Here are three resolutions that will set you up for success in 2019, as well as steps to turn those resolutions into reality:

1. Embrace Change

Change can be scary and overwhelming, but also fruitful and rewarding if approached with an open mind. Technology is disrupting the real estate industry. More than ever, consumers are taking an active role in their home search or selling process. They expect their agent to be up to date on the top real estate apps on the market, to involve them throughout the entire buying or selling process, and to be extremely responsive to all of their questions. That level of tech knowledge and personalized service will impress prospects and retain existing clients.

Instead of being resistant to new technology, embrace it! Homesnap is used by millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of agents across the country to access real-time property information, connect and collaborate with clients, market across the largest advertising networks, and build a digital presence. It’s a member benefit of Yes-MLS. Agents rave about how it allows them to build exclusive relationships with their clients and take back control of their listings and leads. It’s also one of the most user-friendly home search tools available.

So what are you waiting for? Your clients and competition are taking advantage of Homesnap - don’t get left behind.

Download Homesnap Now

2. Differentiate Yourself

In a time where the real estate industry is more competitive than ever, realtors are constantly asking themselves, “What can I do to stand out?” This becomes critical as agents look for ways to build their pipeline and grow their business. So, how do you stand out?

Most agents agree that having an online presence is important, but social media business pages and agent-specific websites are becoming more and more common. What other ways can agents truly differentiate themselves online and get in front of prospects at the right time and place? One way is Homesnap Pro+!

78% of real estate searches begin with search engines. Whether a prospect hears an agent’s name from a referral, passes by a sign for sale, or sees a Facebook ad, the first thing the majority of consumers will do is Google you! They want to ensure the agent they choose is legitimate, authentic, and trustworthy. Meanwhile, nearly 90% of agents don’t have a professional Google Business Profile - meaning when prospects search for them on Google, all they’ll see is a blank profile.

Start this new year off right by differentiating yourself and signing up for Homesnap Pro+. Homesnap will handle the verification, optimization, and maintenance of your Google Profile so you can bring life to your online presence.

Get My Google Profile Today

3. Invest in Yourself

The holiday season allowed all of us to take a step back and focus on others, but now is the time to invest in you! Devote time each week to educating yourself on key industry topics. Whether it’s an article, blog post, local event, or webinar - take advantage of gaining knowledge that will help you advance your career. Homesnap offers educational webinars daily that will teach you how to use this powerful tool.

Sign-Up For One Today!

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