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Happy New Year Members and Subscribers of MLS Now!
Carl DeMusz, CEO

This being our first Newsletter of 2022, there is a lot to report in this edition. While the real estate market still favors the sellers, we are seeing some increases in listing inventory, but buyers still have a sense of urgency as rising interest rates reduce their affordability. It is inevitable that we will be moving into a more balanced market in the near future.

The leadership at MLS Now have put in motion a plan to have the NAR MLS Policy changes approved at the NAR meetings in San Diego on November 15, 2021. The following six (6) Policies will integrate into the MLS Now Policies and Rules and Regulations effective by March 1, 2022:

1. Policy Statement 8.6: One Data Source. Requires MLSs to offer their participants a single data feed in accordance with the participants’ licensed authorized uses. The rationale is to create efficiencies for brokers who participate in an MLS and who use MLS data for multiple purposes. The data feed must be in compliance with RESO standards.

2. Policy Statement 8.7: Brokerage Back Office Feed. Entitles MLS participants to use, and requires MLSs to provide to participants, a brokerage back-office data feed. The policy defines the data, use, and terms of the feed. There’s no option for participants to opt out of having their listings included. The back-office feed will enable brokerages to better serve their clients and customers by empowering them to use productivity tools and proprietary reports and resources that call for enhanced access to and use of MLS data.

3. Internet Data Exchange (IDX) Policy Statement 7.58 and VOW Policy Statement 7.91: IDX and Vow Broker Attribution. Require that participants’ IDX displays must identify the listing firm and an email or phone number provided by listing participant in a prominent location and in a readily visible color and typeface not smaller than the median used in the display of listing data. The same standard would also apply to VOWs but is optional. 

4. Display of listing broker offer of compensation. Requires MLSs to include the listing broker’s offer of compensation for each active listing displayed on its consumer-facing websites and in MLS data feeds provided to participants and subscribers; also requires MLSs to permit participants or subscribers, at their discretion, to share offers of compensation though IDX and VOW displays or through any other form or format provided to clients and consumers. Information about offers of compensation must be accompanied by a disclaimer stating that the offer is made only to participants of the MLS where the listing is filed.

5. MLS Policy Statement 8.4: Services advertised as “free.” Prohibits MLS participants and subscribers from representing that their brokerage services to a buyer client or customer are free or available at no cost to their clients, unless the participant or subscriber will receive no financial compensation from any source for those services. Similar language is being considered for Standard of Practice 12-1 as part of a recommendation from the NAR Professional Standards Committee.

6. MLS Policy Statement 8.5: Non-filtering listings based on offers or compensation or name of the brokerage or agent. Prohibits MLS participants and subscribers from filtering out or restricting listings, in listing information that’s searchable and displayed to consumers, based on the level of compensation offered to the cooperating broker or the name of a brokerage or agent; also prohibits MLSs from enabling the ability to filter out listings on the basis of compensation or name of brokerage or agent. Policy Statements 7.58 and 7.91 are amended, too, to bring IDX and VOW policy in line with this rule. The rule doesn’t prohibit participants, on their IDX displays and virtual office websites, from sorting listings to show their own listings first.

MLS Now will be developing question and answer (Q&A) tutorials for our members on these policies and rules before they become effective. Please watch for more on the News Widget, on www.MLSNow.com and in other publications.

Best regards, 

Carl DeMusz, RCE, CMLX2

President & CEO

NAR MLS Best Practices Update
John Kurlich, COO

The real estate community has been abuzz about the new MLS Policies passed by the NAR Directors at the NAR Convention in San Diego this past November.  You will be hearing more about these new policies as MLS Now leadership and staff work to incorporate those policies into our rules and technologies. 

In addition to these new policies, the NAR Directors also approved several updates to its “MLS Best Practices”.  The good news is, MLS Now already complies with most of these best practices and has for some time.  Below are the summaries of each of these updates for your review.

Compliance best practice:

MLSs should issue discipline for violations of local MLS rules consistent with the guidance provided in the NAR Handbook on Multiple Listing Policy.

The local rules for MLS Now have always been, and continue to be, based on, and guided by, the NAR Handbook on Multiple Listing Policy.  This includes the various levels of disciplinary action that MLS Now may take in it’s efforts to assure compliance with its rules, and the accuracy of our database.

Data best practices:

MLSs should post on their website written instructions for requesting MLS data feeds that are available to Participants and their vendors, including an explanation of the different feeds and the information provided in each feed.  This includes contact information for administrative and technical support.  The data transport method should be RESO Web API compliant.

MLS Now uses Core Logic’s Trestle product to facilitate IDX, Vow, and Back Office feeds.  RESO Web API compliant feeds are available via Trestle. 

While the entire process is handled online at the Trestle website, a link to the Trestle website, along with explanations of the various feeds available, and instructions for making feed requests, will soon be posted to our www.MLSNow.com website.

By July 1, 2022, MLSs should create with their vendors and leadership a written plan with a timeline and cost estimate to establish a native RESO Data Dictionary-compliant MLS for all listing content available to MLS Participants and Subscribers.

Working with Core logic, MLS Now data is already RESO Data Dictionary-compliant.

Where available, MLSs should share aggregated data, for statistical purposes, with their state association of Realtors and NAR to assist with advocacy efforts and home ownership.

For many years, MLS Now has been sharing our aggregated data with the Ohio Realtors, and NAR.  Both use our data to compile their monthly market statistics.

Governance best practices:

MLSs should provide officers and directors with information about their fiduciary duty to the MLS and have them sign an agreement that confirms their understanding and commitment to those duties.

In January each year, the MLS Now Board holds an orientation meeting for its Directors.  During this meeting the Directors are provided with information regarding their fiduciary duties, ant-trust compliance, confidentiality and non-disclosure requirements, and other duties and responsibilities associated with their serving on the Board of Directors.  Directors affirm their understanding of these commitments by signing an acknowledgement of those responsibilities.

MLSs should adopt and annually review a strategic plan to address Participant and Subscriber needs with specific consideration for leadership training, partnerships, technology, Participant outreach, financial independence, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Each year, the MLS Now Board of Directors hold a 2-day strategic planning retreat to review the MLS Now strategic plan to assess our progress in achieving the goals of our strategic plan and to identify areas that may need improvement. 

MLS Now also looks to its Agent Advisory Council for ongoing input regarding the needs of our Participants and Subscribers.   The Agent Advisory Council is made up of volunteer agents, brokers, appraisers, auctioneers, and office admins.  They meet at least once a quarter and provide valuable user input and suggestions throughout the year.

MLS Now has, and will continue to be a leader in identifying and adopting best practices for MLSs.

New Home Source Professional Updates
  • New “About Me” section added to the agent’s Showingnew.com Site allowing the agent to include a bio, links to their website or social media.  Click here for a pdf with details.
  • Size Requirements for the images that can be added to the Footer section of an agent’s Showingnew.com site have been added to help agent’s customize their site.

Graphical user interface, application  Description automatically generated

  • Adding an option for a buyer to run a search for other homes if a home the agent emailed the buyer is no longer available.  Currently if a buyer clicks a link they received from an agent through NewHomeSource Professional the message informs the buyer that the home is no longer available. The change will provide the buyer a search form to run to look for other homes.


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New Features Coming January 24th:

  • On an agent’s Showingnew.com Site if a registered client submits a question through the “Contact Me” form, without being logged into the Showingnew.com site, using different contact information (such as a new phone number), the site will ask the buyer if they would like their account updated with the new information.
  • In Saved Listings, reducing the two columns – one for thumbs up (Like), one for thumbs down (Dislike) – to a pop out section similar to Facebook, that displays the following:

:thumbsup:Like <-- Include both the icon and the word

:thumbsdown:Dislike <-- Include both the icon and the word

:question_mark:None <-- Include both the icon and the word; this is the default icon before a user has any interaction with it; represents no selection.

MLS Now Board of Directors 2021 Election Results 

MLS Now would like to welcome the new Directors to our Board, their terms are set to become active in 2022. The newly elected Directors are as follows:

  • Jodie Frydl, of RE/MAX Traditions – Elected for a 3-year term
  • David King, of King Realty – Elected for a 3-year term
  • Kelly Minard, of ProHelp Kelly Real Estate – Elected for a 3-year term
  • Brandon Marquard, of M.C. Real Estate – Re-Elected for a 3-year term

The Directors appointed by our Shareholder Boards are as follows:

  • Christi Olinger, of Olinger & Company Realty LLC – Appointed for a 3-year term
  • Michael Sulek, of Sulek & Dutton Real Estate – Appointed for a 3-year term

The Director appointed by our Large Firm Board is as follows:

  • Andrew Ginter, of Keller Williams Greater Metropolitan – Appointed for a 1-year term

We at MLS Now would also like to thank the exiting Directors for their service; and thank you for your part in helping us to champion a cooperative and collaborative real estate experience!

  • David Bissler, of Stouffer Realty, Inc.
  • Janice Stevens, of EVENBAY Real Estate LLC
  • Robert Wilging, of Keller Williams Tri-County Properties
  • Cheryl Myatt, of CC Realty and Property Management, LLC
  • William Swanzer, of The Swanzer Agency Realtors
  • Scott Phillips, Jr, of Keller Williams Greater Metropolitan
2022 Homesnap Updates  

Homesnap will be offering educational webinars to MLS Now members to help you become more familiar with their app.  These webinars will take place on the last Monday of January, February and March at 1:30 pm.  Please click the links below to sign up!

January 31st – Homesnap 101Getting Started with Homesnap Pro - MLS Now

February 28th – Homesnap 102: Searching with Homesnap Pro - MLS Now

March 28th – Homesnap 201Prospect Like a Pro and Win the Listing - MLS Now

Homesnap also offers informational resources that are available to MLS Now members.  Here are some links to information you will find helpful:

Homesnap University  - This page includes Homesnap’s training calendar along with links to sign up for live webinars, deep dive how-to guides, tutorial videos, and printable resources. 

Homesnap Help Center - This page includes Homesnap’s customer support contact information, searchable FAQs, and additional collateral. 

Homesnap Blog - This page is where Homesnap posts articles on the latest developments at Homesnap, including details on new features.




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