During this phase of the rental process, please limit your rental searches to basic items that are required in both systems (Matrix and Rental Beast).  Using basics like price, city/zip code, and bedrooms are recommended.  If you have auto emails for rentals with other criteria like MLS Area, School District etc, please revise the criteria to look just for city or price to make sure the results are as expected.

To view required rental fields:

For those with access to the new Rental Search, follow these steps to add a contact and an alert for new rental properties.

Go to Matrix and Search – Rentals which will open the new Rental Beast website.

New listings that are entered into Rental Beast will then be auto emailed to your customers from a new email address of info@rentalbeast.com.

Please verify with your customers that they are seeing the new emails and they are not going into Spam or Junk Folders.

Note: this new process is only for your customers who are looking for a place to reside.  The process does not change for your customers who are looking to rent Commercial spaces (office, retail, industrial, etc).  Those searches & emails will continue in the Matrix Search Commercial section.