Real Estate Agent Application

*Letter of Good Standing

If you are a REALTOR agent, then a letter of good standing must be sent to MLS Now from the agent’s/appraiser’s primary board/association within 30 days of being added to MLS Now. If good standing is not received within those 30 days on the 31st day the agent will be placed in a board suspension status and all MLS Now services will be discontinued. The agent will have an additional 5 days to secure good standing, after which if the agent still is not in good standing the broker’s entire office will be suspended from MLS Now for non-compliance of REALTOR Participation.

MLS Now Introduction to MLS Training Required

MLS Now will assign the agent a password to access MLS Now; however, all new agents, and reinstated agents who have not previously been a user of MLS Now within the past year must complete the Introduction to MLS class within 30 days of being added or reinstated to the MLS.