To be an Ohio Board Member Participant of MLS Now

The primary broker or primary appraiser must pay local, state, and national dues and be in good standing with a Board/Association of REALTORS® within the State of Ohio.

To be a Non-Ohio Board Member or Non-Board Member:

Non-Ohio Board Member – The primary broker or primary appraiser is a member of an out-of-state board/association of REALTORS paying local, state, and national dues.


Non-Board Member – The primary broker or primary appraiser is not a member of a Board/Association of REALTORS®.
MLS Now Pro-ration Policy
Dues will be assessed semi-annually one month before their due date of March 1 and September 1.  Dues will be prorated on a monthly basis for Participants and their affiliated licensee(s) not already appearing on the Participant’s roster at the beginning of the semi-annual billing period.  Charges will be owed for the entire semi-annual period in which services are discontinued.